Here are the examples of my animatics posted on my Youtube Channel!

When I lay out storyboards, I usually think of them in the same way I think about laying out comic panels - I've found that the two share a lot of commonalities. Both involve setting up the shot from different angles and distances, both use a sequence of images to convey emotion and movement. The difference is a comic is a page of images next to each other. A storyboard builds an animatic, a sequence of images shown one after the other. It's like a comic, but it moves and behaves like a movie.

I rekindled my relationship with Adobe Animate and learned the tools in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro to create these animatics from a Dungeons and Dragons show that I listen to. The sequence of these scenes were so vivid in my mind I just had to put them down to share with others. I'd love nothing more than to create more; I had a lot of fun putting these together!

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