About Amanda

Amanda has completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Studio at the University of  Lethbridge.

She's always been interested in cartoons and comics ever since she was a little kid, even before she could explain why. Art has always been 'her thing', according to everybody who knew her in grade school. She had never thought about pursuing it as a study until her final years of high school, when she attended her first comic convention. She was in awe at all the art and creativity around her. She realized that this creativity had a community and she wanted so bad to be a part of it. Leaving for University, she decided to take up a study in the arts to learn more.

Currently, she maintains an original narrative about pirates and unexplored islands, Mysty Waters.

Commissions and Contact

If you would like to inquire about commissions, please send an email to deggeycommish@gmail.com

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